Monday, April 1, 2013

Solving a Lawn Problem in San Diego - March 2013 Update

From George Baboi:

"Well, over a year has passed since I used your Enviro-Turf lawn here in San Diego. As you may recall, first 4 months Nov., Dec., Jan., and Feb 2012 were outstanding as far as water reduction in using your product. Following that time, I still paid close attention to the water usage in the summer months and then in the fall.

Here is some good news, during hot summer months, I still used anywhere between 30% to 42% less water than the previous grass. Probably could have gone even more in water reduction since we had such hot summer, but I was nervous with not knowing the grass and did not want to stress it too much. Actually, I know for sure I could have used less water especially during the 3 months of June, July and August when we had a very hot and humid weather. Reason I say that is because I used too much water and start to develop some fungus inside the grass which was not very good. After I found out my reason for fungus, and done the appropriate correction, my grass start looking very well again. The only issue I had, in those areas where I had fungus, I lost some grass, but in the winter I have receded with some left-over product from you from the year before.

So everything looks outstanding now, not to mention still a 35% to 50% water reduction depending of the season. It looks so good, that compliments keep on coming. When they hear of how much water reduction your grass has taking advantage of, I get lots of interest. The only problem I had, due to a nice green looking grass, is the wild jackrabbits that are making trails through the grass at night and living droppings behind them. Hmmm.. but not anymore, found a solution for that also... works very well !!!!"

We are so happy for you George! And many thanks for all these updates and the beautiful photos!!