Monday, February 20, 2012

Solving a Lawn Problem in San Diego, California, Part 3

So now I expect you are waiting to see the results of George's efforts to find a lawn that requires much less water than any of his previous lawns.

To summarize what is in Parts 1 and 2, in blog posts below:
"The main reason for replacing the grass was its water consumption and here in Southern California (San Diego) we have the highest cost rates for water from entire United States. So the motivation was strong to find alternatives for customers that still want natural green in their backyards, or go to some artificial solution."
And the results:
"The grass was seeded Oct 1st, 2011. To date the results are OUTSTANDING, from looks to water consumption. First month water usage was 42% lower than same time last year regardless that I watered more than normal to get the grass going, and the past 2 months the water consumption was 58.6% lower than same time last year...Wow !! Very Very impressed and a happy customer."

the new front yard lawn


part of the back yard

more of the beautiful backyard

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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Solving a Lawn Problem in San Diego, California, Part 2

George B, a customer in San Diego, has reported great success with our Enviro-Turf, a low maintenance lawn seed. In the previous post (see below) he talks about his motivation behind the change to Enviro-Turf, and shows pictures of his old lawn.

George also sent us some great pictures of the transformation of his 7,000 sq ft lawn, and explained the steps he took to get rid of the old lawn:

1. Kill old lawn with Roundup, about 3 applications.

2. Wait for lawn to be dry completely

3. Remove dead lawn (by hand to about a depth of 8 to 10 in)

4. Let dead lawn dry

5. Rototill soil and let it dry

6. Remove by hand old grass roots without any soil (I had about 1.5 ton of dead old grass and very little soil)

7. Add about 2" of top soil and rototill soil to about a depth of 6 inches.

8. Rake and final grade

9. Apply "Enviro-Turf Seed"

10. Water as needed to keep the soil moist

Current lawn pictures in the next post.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Solving a Lawn Problem in San Diego, California, Part 1

Last year George B contacted us because he felt that our Enviro-Turf lawn seed might be the solution to his desire to have a less thirsty lawn in his hot dry climate in San Diego, California.

He sent us this info regarding his motivation behind his change to our Enviro-Turf:
"San Diego has one of the highest water usage rates in the country and for the past three years it has been going up and up much more than the inflation rate. Just in the past 12 months the rate went up two times. As an example this past December water usage was reduced by 56% over same period a year before, but the cost for water usage was reduced by 5.2% ONLY. Can you imagine how much would it have been if it was not for the 56% reduction in consumption?

But the story does not stop there. As the cost over the past 23 years has been going higher and higher, I replaced the entire grass 2 times from the original one (yours being the third time from the original during this period), and I modified the sprinklers 3 times with improved and more efficient type of heads. All in vain because no matter how much the reduction in water (few percentages) the costs still continued claiming

I considered at one point putting in artificial turf but nothing is like natural grass. So the solution had to be a grass that is still a grass, looks good, maintains easily, but most important, has a dramatic reduction in water usage. Enviro-Turf Lawn was the answer, and based on almost 5 months, I believe I hit the "jack-pot" with your product."

This was what the thirsty lawn looked like, despite regular watering:

The next post will show the steps he took to convert to Enviro-Turf and what his new lawn looks like.