Monday, February 20, 2012

Solving a Lawn Problem in San Diego, California, Part 3

So now I expect you are waiting to see the results of George's efforts to find a lawn that requires much less water than any of his previous lawns.

To summarize what is in Parts 1 and 2, in blog posts below:
"The main reason for replacing the grass was its water consumption and here in Southern California (San Diego) we have the highest cost rates for water from entire United States. So the motivation was strong to find alternatives for customers that still want natural green in their backyards, or go to some artificial solution."
And the results:
"The grass was seeded Oct 1st, 2011. To date the results are OUTSTANDING, from looks to water consumption. First month water usage was 42% lower than same time last year regardless that I watered more than normal to get the grass going, and the past 2 months the water consumption was 58.6% lower than same time last year...Wow !! Very Very impressed and a happy customer."

the new front yard lawn


part of the back yard

more of the beautiful backyard

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