Monday, March 5, 2012

Solving a Lawn Problem in San Diego - Update

George, in San Diego, sent us the following info regarding recent water usage for his Enviro-Turf lawn:
"Here is the water usage for January and February, a total of 63 billing days.
  • The water consumption (average gallons per day) was 190 compared with 380 gallons per day during the same time period last year on a different type of grass.
A 50% reduction in water usage with Enviro-Turf lawn. FANTASTIC!!!
Last year's bill for January / February was $223.05. Despite this year's 50% reduction in water usage, the bill for Jan / Feb was $238.86. Just think how much the bill would have been if not for the 50% reduction. I think you can see the motivation to switch to Enviro-Turf lawn.
Will send you two month's usage also in high usage months such as July and August to get a complete picture of your product. But I suspect will be also a significant reduction."
George's beautiful low maintenance lawn:

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